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Dustin Johnson’s putt rolled across the 18th green at Augusta National Golf Club and stopped about a foot short of the hole, leaving him a tap-in late on an autumn Sunday afternoon. It was November 15, 2020, and making that putt would have been great, but I reality it didn’t matter. Holing the short next putt and scoring 4 under for the day gave the American a total of 20 under at the 2020 Masters, good enough for a five-shot win over Australia’s Cameron Smith.

To celebrate his victory, TaylorMade is releasing the Dustin Johnson Spider Limited Commemorative Edition putter for $499. It is available now available for preorder ($499) and will be available for purchase on April 9.

Dustin Johnson Spider Limited Commemorative Edition putter

Like Johnson’s own putter, the limited edition club has no alignment aids or sight lines. (TaylorMade)

The putter is a replica of the club Johnson used last November at the Masters. It is 35 inches long and only available in a right-hand version. It has a black crown no alignment aids of sightlines, a short slant hosel and a Counter Core SuperStroke GT 1.0 grip. In the sole, there are two 9-gram weights placed in the heel and toe. The face is destined with a TaylorMade’s Pure Roll insert. The soleplate has been given a commemorative black and green logo in the center.

Dustin Johnson Spider Limited Commemorative Edition putter

The limited-edition putter has a special green emblem on the soleplate. (TaylorMade)

Each Dustin Johnson Spider Limited Commemorative Edition putter will come in a commemorative box.

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